What’s your morning routine?

Every morning when I wake up, I turn the electric kettle on and wait for the water to boil for my Nescafe instant coffee. I love the smell as it reminds me of sneaking little sips of my mothers coffee when I was a young girl. Now as a “grown up” I enjoy putting on makeup while I drink my cup of joe to get my day started. There is something to be said with cosmetics and the pretty bottles, compacts, cases and tubes. They are shiny, sparkly and full of vibrant colors … a girl can’t possibly avoid. Makeup and coffee is my morning routine.

As this is my first post, I have now added blogging to my morning routine. I created this blog to share my thoughts, opinions, reviews or feedback and ideas that I often have running through my head as I am putting makeup and drinking my coffee. So therefore, My Second Cup is born and I have entered the blogging world.

What’s your morning routine?